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The concept of using a Property Guardian is not new to the UK and this means of property protection has been prevalent across the globe for a number of years.

Property Guardians have the opportunity to live somewhere more adventurous than the typical residential property, often with a lot more floor space for your money.

How it works

  • Property Guardians are allocated an area of a property as their own to live within. All properties have running water, electricity and are wind tight.
  • A Property Guardian has no tenancy rights for the duration of their stay.
  • A licence agreement is signed by the live in occupant and Minae Property Management.
  • A guidelines booklet is given to the live in occupant highlighting the rules and regulations governing the agreement, which must be adhered to.
  • Rules and regulations must be upheld to ensure the integrity of the property is maintained.

Becoming a Property Guardian

To become a Property Guardian for Minae Property Management you need to satisfy certain criteria.

  • Be in full time demonstrable employment.
  • Have no children living with you.
  • Be willing to undertake a CRB check on any criminal past.
  • Provide proof of address and identity.
  • Stringent checks will be completed before we hand out any keys.
  • Sign an agreed licence.
  • Pay a small monthly fee to Minae Property Management monthly.
  • There is a minimum eight-week contract period, authorising the temporary occupation of the property.
  • There is a 5 week notice period required to be given to Minae Property Management to vacate the premises.
  • Once the licence agreement is signed and criteria satisfied, you can move into the property almost immediately.
  • Any breach of the licence terms results in immediate revocation of the licence.
  • Be prepared to live in some adventurous properties!

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