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Minae Property Management operate a Property Guardian scheme. We licence professional individuals to live-in a property/asset as an onsite presence.

Types of properties/premises
The type of property/premises for which you require protection is unimportant as our live in occupants can occupy areas of any type of building, including:

  • schools
  • nursing homes
  • castles
  • public houses
  • offices
  • residential homes
  • in fact, any property!

Property Management Criteria
Before we can place your property under our management and place live in occupants within the premises, we must ensure that the property satisfies certain criteria.

  • Running water feed
  • An electricity supply
  • Wind tight.

If any of the above criteria are not present we can arrange for our maintenance contractors to remedy this before we place the property under our management ready for occupation. Any further work required can be assessed and quoted for before placement of our live in occupants.

The benefits of a Property Guardian
The benefits of a Property Guardian means that:

  • A property remains in use, is not left empty.
  • The individual has a vested interest in the property.
  • A property stays warm and lit.
  • A property is less likely to be at risk of deterioration, infestation, theft and vandalism.
  • A propery retains its market value.
  • You may even qualify for a discount on the rates that you are paying for your vacant premises.

Getting Started
The simple steps to our management of your property include:

  1. We will arrange a site visit.
  2. We will submit a free tailored site proposal.
  3. Signed acceptance agreement received by Minae Property Management.
  4. We will complete any agreed maintenance.
  5. We will source Live in Occupants and place under the licence of Minae Property Management.
  6. We will provide a written monthly inspection report to you throughout the agreement. The report will include, meter readings, the condition of the property internally and externally, as well as making you aware of any issues that require any attention.

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